The participation conditions apply to all offers, activities, quotations and agreements for training courses, seminars, workshops and training courses (hereinafter referred to as “courses”) between TD SYNNEX BV (TD SYNNEX Belux) and Clients.
TD SYNNEX reserves the right to make changes to the course material, course content, composition and prices of the course, workshop or seminar, without prior statement of reasons, if developments give cause for this and without being liable for compensation. In addition to these course conditions, the General delivery and payment conditions of TD SYNNEX apply.

Rates, invoicing and payment
The prices for the courses are stated on the TD SYNNEX Events website, Global Knowledge website or in a valid written quote from TD SYNNEX. These prices are entirely without obligation and expressed in euros, excluding VAT.
Invoicing takes place after the start of the course. Payment must be made by crediting the amount stated on the invoice to the TD SYNNEX bank account, stating the invoice number and invoice date. The invoice amount must be transferred according to the payment conditions linked to the client number on the bank account of TD SYNNEX BV.

Realization and registration of the assignment
TD SYNNEX only accepts those course assignments for which it has the qualifications. The teachers to be deployed in a course on behalf of TD SYNNEX should be able to work effectively on that course assignment through knowledge, experience and personal characteristics.

Registration for courses must be done by submitting a fully completed registration form. Telephone registrations must be confirmed in writing via the original registration form. In addition, it is possible to register via the TD SYNNEX Events website or Global Knowledge. The registration by the Client will only be final after confirmation by TD SYNNEX. TD SYNNEX reserves the right to exclude individual course participants.

TD SYNNEX declares that it has all the facilities required for the proper execution of the course assignment. Unless stated otherwise, the courses are given at TD SYNNEX in Ternat. Where appropriate, courses can also be given at other locations. The language of instruction of the courses is, unless otherwise indicated, Dutch or French. The course material is usually written in English, but sometimes also in Dutch and French.

When providing courses at the Client’s location, agreements are made about the conditions that the facilities at the location in question must meet. If, during the implementation of the courses, it appears that the agreed conditions have not been met and that the quality of the course can no longer be guaranteed by TD SYNNEX, TD SYNNEX reserves the right not to give or discontinue the course.

Note: If TD SYNNEX decides not to give or discontinue the course, TD SYNNEX is entitled to claim compensation for costs already incurred.

Cancellation by the client
Cancellation by the Client of participation of one or more students, or of the rental of a teacher or a classroom can be done free of charge up to fifteen (15) working days before the start of the course. If you cancel between fifteen (15) and five (5) working days before the start of the course, 50% of the course fee is due. In case of cancellation within five (5) working days before the start of the course or in case of a no-show, the full course fee is due.

In the event of a unilateral cancellation by the Client, the Client does not automatically have the right to replace the course or to hire a room or teacher at a different time. Moving a course assignment to another moment counts as cancellation of the order placed. A new order must be placed according to the established procedure.

Note: Cancellations must be confirmed in writing and in time. This can be by post, fax or e-mail.

Cancellation by TD SYNNEX
TD SYNNEX reserves the right to cancel a training course without giving any reason and without being obliged to pay any compensation towards the Client. Only in the circumstance that this cancellation is attributable to TD SYNNEX, TD SYNNEX will be obliged to pay compensation that is limited to reimbursement of the course fee paid by the Client.

TD SYNNEX will maintain confidentiality with regard to the use of the confidential information provided or made known to him in the training relationship.

Number of participants
For didactic reasons, TD SYNNEX sets a maximum and a minimum for the number of participants per course. TD SYNNEX reserves the right to postpone or cancel courses for which there are insufficient registrations.

Intellectual property
Models, techniques, instruments and course materials, including software, that have been used for the execution of the assignment and that are included in the training or course, are and remain the property of TD SYNNEX. Publication can therefore only take place after obtaining written permission from TD SYNNEX. It is forbidden to copy or edit the models, techniques, instruments and course materials, including software from the TD SYNNEX, in whole or in part, to adapt, to publish or to exploit or multiply in any other way, without express and written permission from TD SYNNEX.

All materials used in the course (including software) are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of the author(s). It is not permitted to hand over or use material in whole or in part to third parties or to have it used to provide education in any form whatsoever.

Note: Taking video and / or audio recordings of a course (or parts thereof) is expressly prohibited.